1.    Public Session. Limited to 15 minutes. Members of the public will be asked to restrict their comments to a maximum of 3 minutes.

2.    Acceptance of Apologies:

3. Dispensations:

4. Confirm the minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 2nd September 2014

5. Matters Arising: a. response re highways matters from last meeting.

6. Shropshire Council Local Joint Committee: a. update if required.

7. Updates from Councillors: as per responsibilities.

8. Planning: a. New Applications: a. received between meetings. See report.

To be considered at the meeting.

14/04510/FUL Erection of extension to holiday let. Barn SouthWest of Grove Farm Cardington Church Stretton.


b. Decisions: 14/00728/LBC Construction of a timber framed garage building providing car parking and storage. Barn at Shootrough Farm Cardington. Not proceeded with. 14/03628/FUL  Change of part of horse paddock to all weather turnout The Holt Plaish Church Stretton Shropshire SY6 7HX . Grant full planning permission.

14/03169/LBC Internal and external alterations affecting a grade II listed building.

The Fold Cardington . LBC Consent.

c. Place Plan.

d. Shropshire Council Planning service planning decisions briefing note.

c. Any other planning matters

9. Finance: a. Invoices to pay: Mrs J Madeley

b. Consider first draft budget.

c. Adopt external report for accounts year ended 31.3.14

10. Shropshire Council Report: Councillor T Barker.

11. Administration and Organisational Issues: a. Cemetery a. Management plan and records.

b. sign permanent contract clerk.

c. amendment to standing order 3l.

12. Correspondence: a. Clerks and Councils direct.

b. Shropshire Council information about Shropshire Schools Forum.

c. Road Closure 10th November 2014 for electric and water connection at Manor Farm Cardington.

13. Any other essential business- Note no decisions can be made under this item. Information about award clerk has been presented with.

14. Date of next scheduled meeting Tuesday 6th January 2015 8pm.

















Planning applications determined between meetings:


8a. 14/04013/FUL Erection of roof extension single storey front and rear extension together with building reclad. Holly Cottage Gulley Green Church Stretton. (No Objection).





Clerk has been investigating the management records that should be retained as evidence in case of an insurance claim etc.

1. Arbourcultrist report: Report after meeting with Martin Sutton Shropshire Council Arbourcultrist.


1.      Spruce Tree. The tree is in good condition. It would be good to remove the ivy from the trunk carefully so as not to damage the bark.


2.      Cyprus spruce/ (I thought it was a leylandi). This just needs to be observed from time to time. The vegetation is healthy.


3.      Norway Spruce with two trunks. Monitor it is near the house with a boat ornament in a window. The branches growing towards the road may need cutting back. The tree is supported by a branch growning into both trunks.


4.      Copper Beech on the corner of the roads Clive lives on and the village hall is on. There is ivy growing on this it would benfiit from that being removed


5.      Lime tree opposite the village hall. This tree could possibly be trimmed back.


6.      Spruce by the gate. There is a dead branch in the tree that should be removed.


7.      Beech tree opposite village hall. There is a dead branch in this tree that should be removed.


To remove dead wood no trees in conservation area consent would be needed. Removing the ivy likewise.

Any removal of trees or major works would.


Martin Recommended the trees are reviewed once a year at least and after every major storm. A formal report should be done every three years at present this would cost 250 plus VAT. The Parish Council would then have to carry out the works at its cost.


The PCC have recently had a formal report done evidence of the survey work can be seen on trees with pink spray marks where surveys were carried out with machinery that can survey the inside of the trees.


Jayne Madeley Clerk


2.Scanning the cemetery records has proved not too successful. I have found a company who will do this for us for 150.00. they speicalise in this sort of thing.


3.      The Japanese Knotweed issue may keep raising its head. Some new legislation I have heard about on the radio is coming into force and if landowners are not eradicating it they can be fined . you have to prove you are controlling it and trying to eradicate it. ( this is what is happening it just needs recording).


4.      Whilst at a conference in October clerk established it would be beneficial to register the land with the Land Registry to prevent any issues in the future. Not sure of cost.