Tuesday 5th January 2016 at 8pm


1.    Public Session. Limited to 15 minutes.  

2.    Acceptance of Apologies:

3.                        Dispensations:   None.

4.    Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 3rd November 2015

5.     Matters Arising:   Hedge Shootrough fields.

6.   Shropshire Council Local Joint Committee:  a. Emergency Planning

           7.   Updates from Councillors: as per areas of interest. 

        8.   Planning: a. to be considered at meeting. 15/03512/FUL erection of 1 affordable dwelling and detached double garage, installation of treatment plant and soakaway.  Oak Tree View Church Preen. (amended plans).


                Considered between meetings using delegated powers:


·         15/04897/FUL proposed agricultural workers dwelling, double garage (and log store), general purpose agricultural building, improvements to access, installation of a septic tank and auxiliary works. (no objection)


                b. Decisions:  


·       15/04179/FUL Erection of single storey rear garden room/glazed link extension (revised scheme).  The Barn Chatwall Home Farm Enchmarsh. Grant Full planning permission.


c. Any other planning matters including any new planning applications received just before the meeting.

d. Action plan after consultation regarding CIL funds.

e. SAMDEV plan adoption.  Confirmed.

9. Finance: a. Invoices to pay:

      b. Audit requirements for year ended 31.3.16.  (see report).

      c. Audit requirements beyond year ended 31.3.16 (see report).

      d. Proposed budget to be considered and set.

         10. Administration and Organisational Issues: a.   Cemetery: grass cutting consider way forward.

      b. Cemetery wall. 

      c. Transparency code. (see report).

     d.  Shropshire Council communication strategy for highway asset management.

     e.  Dates of meetings in 2016.

    11. Correspondence: a. Empty homes newsletter Shropshire Council.

           b. Connecting Shropshire update.

           c. Thank you letter for RBL Donation.

           d. Road Closure B4371 Longville to Easthope road closure patching.

    12. Any other essential business- Note no decisions can be made under this item.  

 13. Date of next meeting Thursday 1st March 2016.  (to be confirmed)


Please read the report over for items 8d,9b, c and 10c.













6.      Emergency planning.  I understand the emergency planning dept of Shropshire Council gave their presentation at the LJC suggesting each community has an emergency plan.  Whilst I do not want to discourage thought around this subject.  I have experienced attempting to fill in the plan.

So issues:

1.      Where is it kept?  (could be the website)

2.      Who is responsible for updateing?

3.      Once it is known one exists it concerns me people may refer to it instead of sorting out the emergency.  Trying to contact named people In some cases seconds let alone minutes can be essential.

4.      In Ditton Priors a larger community it was attempted but abandoned after those who would have been named it was established were not actually in the village when a community flooding emergency happened. immediate  Action was needed immediately to save belonging from bungalows where elderly residents lived.  It was all hands to the task from those fit and able who were around and whose property was safe.  It worked. So it was decided to carry on with that approach rather than writing down something that may not be possible if named people were not present.


The same emergency incident was occurring in Easthope Shipton and Stanton Long Parish and also at clerk’s home. 


It was really who could help locally rather than more strategic.  Emergency services could not get to any of these communities because of the emergency. 


It was a major rainfall incident that caused flooding in many places.


8d. CIL funds.  Chair has written a comprehensive report which is in  your pack clerk has complied an action plan from this document. 


     Since the last meeting Clerk has been talking to a councillor from Chetton Parish Council (small community similar to Cardington ie one village and several hamlets).  They had CIL funds the previous year.  They were allowed to install Broadband in the village hall.  This is worth consideration if there is no broadband in the village hall and there may be a need.     


10b. Audit Requirements.   New legislation is changing Parish and Town Council audit rules.  For the year ended 31.3.16 the Parish Council has to set its own timescale for audit.  The timescale is 30 working days and must include the first two weeks of July.  During this time the accounts have to be available for public inspection.  A notice is posted on public noticeboards telling residents of this time. Recommendation is that clerk sets the dates after consultation with the internal auditor and to fit around all relevant approvals at the July full council meeting. 


10c. Audit requirements after year ended 31.3.16.  after this time the whole regime changes.  Internal audits are still required.  However councils with turnover of less than £25000 do not need to do an external audit but must publish accounts in accordance with the transparency code on a website.  (there is a grant available to allow the parish council to set up its own website if you require that).  In order to fulfil the law an external auditor still needs to be appointed to ensure an external audit can be carried out it a resident requires it.  There is also the option to do an external audit still with cost.  The cost is at this time unknown.  In order to fulfil the requirements of the new law a sector led organisation is being set up to appoint external auditors and do all the other necessary procedures .  The Parish Council is automatically included in this new system unless it decides to go its own way totally by the end of this year.  Clerk recommends the parish council opts in when the time is right.  To date the relevant correspondence has not been received to allow the opt in.  however the parish council has no scheduled meeting before the end of the year and therefore the parish council needs to agree to opt in to the sector led scheme at this meeting.


11c. Transparency code.  In order to comply fully with the transparency code the following things need to be published on a website:


·         All items of expenditure above £100 which confirm the dates the expenditure was incurred, a summary of the purpose .

·         End of year accounts

·         Annual governance statement

·         Internal audit report

·         List of councillor and member responsibilities

·         Details of public land and building assets.

·         Draft minutes

·         Agenda and associated papers



                Some of this is available on the village website.  If the parish council is happy using this system which is managed by someone not connected to the parish council the current arrangements can continue.  However there is a risk that the website ceases to exist, the manager stops allowing the parish council to publish on it and the information is being published outside the parish council’s control.  There is a grant available to set up a dedicated website for the parish council. There would be ongoing costs.  Clerk has information about one website costing £500.00.