Tuesday 1st March 2016 at 8pm


1.    Public Session. Limited to 15 minutes.  

2.    Acceptance of Apologies:

3.                        Dispensations:   None.

4.    Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 5th January 2016

5.               Matters Arising:  Emergency plan for parish .

6.   Shropshire Council Local Joint Committee:  a.

           7.   Updates from Councillors: as per areas of interest. 

           8.   Consider response to a letter from The Diocese of Hereford regarding change of use for a small part of the Church yard to domestic curtledge.

        9.   Planning: a. to be considered at meeting. 16/00651/FUL Application under Section 73a of the Town and country planning act 1990 for change of use of land from churchyard to domestic curtilage for drainage trench.  19 Cardington Church Stretton SY6 7JZ

                Considered between meetings using delegated powers:


                b. Decisions:  

·         15/04897/FUL Proposed agricultural dwelling to the north of Longville in The Dale.  Erection of agricultural workers dwelling, double garage (and log store), general purpose agricultural building, improvements to access, installation of a septic tank and auxiliary works. WITHDRAWN.

c. Any other planning matters including any new planning applications received just before the meeting.

d. Action plan after consultation regarding CIL funds. See attached action plan and ideas of some decisions on ways forward.  Update re toilet and mobile phone.

10. Finance: a. Invoices to pay:

·         Information Commissioner £35.00 Chq 198

·         Mrs J Madeley Salary and annual expenses £562.74 Chq 199

·         HMRC £89.60 Chq 200

       b. Grant received for Website £980.00 consider way forward. 

       c. CIL funds annual report requirement.

       d. update about financial budget cutbacks at Shropshire Council.

       e. Information about charges for Elections.  Shropshire Council.

11. Shropshire council report.

         12. Administration and Organisational Issues: a.   Cemetery: grass cutting consider way forward.

      b. Cemetery wall. 

      c. damaged tree in Cemetery. 

      d.  tree survey. 

       13. Correspondence: a. Connecting Shropshire.

             b. Information about non emergency hospital transport.

             c. Emergency planning annual briefing for Parish and Town Councils 15th June 2016.

             d. Clerks and Councils direct.

     14. Any other essential business- Note no decisions can be made under this item.  

  15. Date of next meeting Thursday 3rd May 2016.  There will be an annual parish meeting followed by the AGM of the Parish Council.













9d. Answer from Village Hall regarding use of toilet facilities


There were three main objections. First, on grounds of practicality from the construction point of view. When the matter was examined more deeply, the complications of carrying out the necessary modifications, changing the main electrical circuits, providing secure access etc looked too complicated and difficult, and it was felt it would also affect the character of the hall. There is also the not inconsiderable issue of obtaining the approval of the trustees of the Trust to any building modifications (although this last was not the main objection)


Second, there was the issue of maintenance, cleaning, etc, and it was felt that the likely income from any public use would be so slight as not to go anywhere near reimbursing the costs of cleaning etc. There was also the risk, admittedly relatively slight in this area, of vandalism, and the associated insurance costs and risks


Third, there was a strong view that there would be very little demand. Arrangements are already in place for people attending church services to have access to the hall and its toilets, and organised events with people renting the hall obviously have access anyway. So that really only left the ‘passing trade’, as it were, walkers and others having business in the village. These numbers are so small that it was felt that demand would be tiny.


I hope that sets out clearly the reasons why the committee decided as it did. But of course they remain ready to look at any other suggestions from the PC to help develop the social and community life of the village and its surrounding area.





Report re mobile coverage in Shropshire.


Mobile phone coverage in the spotlight at high-level meeting in Shropshire

Related topics: Community / My area

Shropshire Council’s Deputy Leader Steve Charmley hosted a meeting today (Friday 15 January 2016) with Ofcom and the mobile network operators to highlight the need to improve mobile phone signal coverage in the county.

The meeting was a follow-up to a briefing held in June 2015 to hear about progress. Three of the four Shropshire MPs attended the meeting, along with Shropshire Councillors and senior council officers. The 90-minute session heard from Ofcom, the UK communications regulator, BT and representatives from mobile operators EE, O2, Three & Vodafone.

Ofcom provided data on the signal coverage from the four operators, which showed that EE has the best 4G coverage of the county. Ofcom also mentioned that O2 has a coverage obligation that requires them to provide 98% of the population with access to an indoor 4G service by the end of December 2017 (this is a national obligation).

A representative from each of the mobile operators provided an update on their plans for improving mobile coverage in Shropshire in the next two years.

Steve Charmley said:The meeting was very focussed on finding ways to improve the situation for those who visit, live and work in Shropshire. Shropshire Councillors and local MPs forcefully made the case for improved mobile coverage in the county, as many tourism and small businesses are struggling to survive with poor mobile connectivity.

“There was a common agreement amongst those in the audience that things are going from bad to worse, and we need to work with the industry and the regulator to address the issues that are hampering improvements as quickly and efficiently as possible. Shropshire Council will continue to act as a conduit between all parties to make sure this happens.”

Owen Paterson, MP for North Shropshire, said:-

“My constituents are regularly in touch complaining about deteriorating mobile signal. The removal of masts and increase in data usage means that the system is getting worse, let alone improving. I’ve offered to get round the table with the mobile operators, planning officers, regulators and the Department for Culture, Media & Sport to get this issue sorted out as soon as possible.”

Shropshire Council will host another follow up session with the mobile operators in April.


10b. Website:


There are several options.  There are some local offers.  Some of which appear to be saying they are replacing existing service called Shropnet.  This is not the case. 


So clerk has the following information.  Vision ICT can provide a website for £500 totally compliant with the transparency code.  On going cost of £125 pa.



Two offers one called community hub costs etc before meeting.  Clerk is booked onto a course on 2nd March about this one. No link available


Hugo Fox also offer free websites for parish councils and community groups.


Peter Acs councillor at Stanton upon Hine Heath PC has also offered a wordpress website.



10e. Charges for Elections.  An uncontested election will cost £100.00 per uncontested ward.  A shared election will cost half the actual cost of the election (no cost in letter) .  A stand alone election will be charged at full cost.