Tuesday 3rd May 2016 at 8pm


1.    Public Session. Limited to 15 minutes.

2.    Election of a. Chair:

b. Vice Chair

c. Election of councillors to the following responsibilities:

d. Footpaths

e. Planning

f. Roads and Bridges

g. Emergency planning

h. Churchyard

i. Local Joint Committee.

j. Tree Scheme

3.                        Acceptance of Apologies:

4.                        Dispensations: None.

5.    Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 1st March 2016

6.                  Matters Arising: Footbridge over Willstone Ford reported.

7. Review and approve polices, standing orders and financial regulations and financial risk assessment.

8. Shropshire Council Local Joint Committee: a.

9. Updates from Councillors: as per areas of interest.

10. Planning: a. to be considered at meeting.


         16/01498/FUL Erection of single storey extension conversion of outbuilding to form ancillary accommodation/holiday let property formation of second floor (attic). Lower Farm House Enchmarsh Church Stretton.

         16/01546/VAR Variation of Condition no4 attached to planning permission ref 03/0018/F to allow the extension permitted to be utilised as a unit of holiday let accommodation. The Willows Church Preen Church Stretton.

         16/01655/TCA To fell 1 Lawson Cypress, 1 Mature Lawson Cypress and 1 Mature Norway Spruce Cemetery Cardington.


Considered between meetings using delegated powers:


      16/00733/FUL Erection of an agricultural workers dwelling, double garage and log store. Improvements to existing access installation of a septic tank and auxiliary works.

      16/00736/FUL Erection of a general purpose agricultural building and improvements to existing access. Land to the north of Longville in the Dale.

(For both applications nothing further to add to previous comments.)

      16/01342/FUL Erection of two storey rear extension single storey front extension and alterations to existing external wall surfaces and fenestration. Garden Cottage Plaish. (No objection.)


b. Decisions:

         15/04286/FUL Erection of two storey extension, erection of detached double garage, change of use of agricultural land to domestic garden land (amended description.) . Grant Full Planning Permission.

         16/00651/FUL Application under Section 73a of the Town and Country planning act 1990 for change of use of land from churchyard to domestic curtilage for drainage trench 19 Cardington. Grant full planning permission.

c. Any other planning matters including any new planning applications received just before the meeting.

d. Action plan after consultation regarding CIL funds. See attached action plan and ideas of some decisions on ways forward.






11. Finance: a. Invoices to pay: 1. JHD Business Services Ltd 132.00 chq 201 Internal audit

b. Grant for Website 980.00 consider way forward.

c. Approve internal audit report both noted issues and actions noted.

d. Approve Annual Governance statement.

e. Approve accounting statements.

f. Highway Maintenance agreement with Shropshire Council update.

12. Shropshire council report.

13. Administration and Organisational Issues: a. Cemetery: grass cutting consider way forward.

b. Cemetery wall. (see article regarding church property).

c. damaged tree in Cemetery.

d. tree survey.

e. Consider any issues to be referred to the Shropshire Council highways safety list.

14. Correspondence: a. Clerks and councils direct.

b. Spring Council matters 2016 Came & Co.

c. Shropshire Council Annual Town and Parish Emergency Planning Briefing 2016 1st June 2016.

d. Training programme from SALC.

15. Any other essential business- Note no decisions can be made under this item.

16. Date of next meeting Thursday 5th July 2016.














































11b. Website:


So clerk has the following information. Vision ICT can provide a website for 500 totally compliant with the transparency code. On going cost of 125 pa.



Three other offers are:


community hub costs 300 start up plus 200 ongoing fee.


Hugo Fox also offer free websites for parish councils and community groups.


Peter Acs councillor at Stanton upon Hine Heath PC has also offered a wordpress website.





Each year Parish Councils have an option to suggest highway projects that will improve highway safety. Up to five at a time. Shropshire Council Highways then consider projects in September each year that are suitable for funding. So are there any sites that would benefit from some improvement.


Examples of projects that have been approved and funded.


30mph speed limit in Shipton. Should be in place in 2016. Initially suggested in 2013/14

Pavement from Bridgnorth to Cross Lane Head. Should be built in 2017-18 first suggested 10 years ago.


Examples of projects suggested and rejected.


Traffic calming and Double yellow lines on South Road Ditton Priors (this was to prevent on street parking). No evidence of incidents and speed.

Traffic Calming over Derrington Bridge. No evidence of incidents and speed.