Tuesday 6th September 2016 at 8pm


1.    Public Session. Limited to 15 minutes.  

2.                        Acceptance of Apologies:

3.                        Dispensations:  

4.    Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 5th July 2016

5.                  Matters Arising:  a. Website .  Clerk has not received any interest in supplying a narrative for the website. 

6.                  Shropshire Council Local Joint Committee:  a.

           7.  Updates from Councillors: as per areas of interest. 

           8.   Planning: a. to be considered at meeting.   16/03617/VAR Variation of Condition 4 attached to planning permission ref 03/0018/F to allow the extension permitted to be utilised as a unit of holiday let accommodation.  The Willows Church Preen Church Stretton.                

               b. Considered between meetings using delegated powers:

                    16/03078/FUL Erection of a general purpose agricultural building: amended access to improve  visibility. 

                     Comments made: 

                     Cardington Parish Council has no objection to the principle of an agricultural building on this agricultural holding. However the siting of this building does seem inappropriate. it is close to property with no connection to the land and access is along a narrow highway.
It should also be noted the paperwork associated with this application refers to the previous applications that have been withdrawn on this agricultural holding rather than specifically to this application. thus there is reference to a different access and a dwelling amongst others.”

              c. Decisions:

d. Any other planning matters including any new planning applications received just before the meeting.

e. Action plan after consultation regarding CIL funds. See attached action plan and ideas of some decisions on ways forward.  Some ideas for directional signs to Millennium field plus the noticeboard at Plaish is not in good condition.  CIL funds can be used to fund noticeboards.

 9. Finance: a. Invoices to pay:

      1. SALC £85.00 cemetery topple testing course.  Chq no 209

      2. Mrs J Madeley Salary £362.48 Chq no 210

      3. HMRC £90.80 Chq no 211      

       b.  Approve external audit. 

 10. Shropshire council report.

         11.  Cemetery:  working with the PCC. (letter in pack).

      b. Cemetery wall.  Advice regarding works on wall. Way forward to be considered.

      c. damaged tree in Cemetery. Wood sale.    

      d.  tree survey.

      e. Topple testing headstones.   

      f. Complaint about Dog Fouling and dogs off the lead.   

12. a. Highway Maintenance scheme way forward.

13. Future funding of services that Shropshire Council can no longer provide.  See pack for information.

       14. Correspondence: a. Confirmation of the Mission and Pastoral Measure 2011 Diocese of Hereford Parish of Cardington.

             b. Information about new number to report emergency situations and power cuts to Western Power Distribution.  105.

             c. Concern about Tree felling at Chatwall.

             d. Clerks and Councils direct.

             e. Information about A49 night time closures.

             f. Police and Crime Commissioner Safer West Mercia Plan 2016.

     15. Any other essential business- Note no decisions can be made under this item.  

     16. Elections 2017. Draft information about the parish council for the website and interested parties.

  16. Date of next meeting Thursday 1st November 2016. 







8e.  Noticeboards.  Quotes at the meeting.  Clerk has requested three for each board. 

       Directional sign to Millennium Field.  Again could councillors please go a walk to the field.  When I did this it was fenced for I assume horses and was not very inviting for visitors to eat their sandwiches . I could find no seating area.  So does this project need to be bigger than just a sign post ?  whoever owns the field will need to be contacted regarding adding seating for example. The walk to the field was not easy, the hedges on either side of the path are large and the path narrow. It may be more suitable to put a couple of seats in the cemetery for example.  Please have a think before this project moves on.  Quotes for signs at meeting. Clerk has requested two.  Benches. 




11e. Suggested programme of works for highway maintenance contractor 2016-2017.


1.     Strim grass on all junctions in the parish to ensure as clear vision as possible. 

·      Three junctions in Gretton

·      Eight junctions in Cardington.  Not all will need strimming with little or no verge.

·      Two junctions in Plaish plus to right angle bends.

·      Two junctions in Lower Chatwall area

·      Two Junctions near Chatwall Hall, Home Farm

·      Three Junctions in and around Enchmarch including crossroads.

2.    Ensure all gully tops are clear on all highways.

3.    Ensure water can get off road into ditches.

4.    Ensure all signs are clean.

5.    Ensure all signs are visible this may include strimming around them.

The Contract will be for a 12 month period starting from the date it is signed.

A map of the area of work can be provided.

As a guide this contract will not be for any more than £3000.00.

Interested parties should evidence they have the relevant competence to carry out the work.

The successful party will need to provide a copy of their public liability insurance.

The tender should also include frequency of works programme.

 Relevant signage and high viz clothing can be provided by Shropshire Council via the clerk.

If this is acceptable a contractor needs to be appointed. 


To date no one has contacted clerk expressing interest in the work.



12. Shropshire Council funding issues:


Clerk has attended two meetings since the last Parish Council meeting.  One hosted by Shropshire Council and one hosted by Church Stretton Town Council Chair. 


The one hosted by Shropshire Council was to explain where they were up to regarding devolution of services or ceasing providing services.  The market town councils have been asked to review taking on several services.  The Town Councils are now exploring ways of funding the services if they take them on.  Part of the meeting with Shropshire Council included the idea of town and parish councils clustering to try to fund the services or working together on projects.  The Town Councils involved have joined together and drawn up some terms and conditions for working with Shropshire Council.  They were fairly negative conditions.  All this has to be decided by September. 


        I then attended a meeting in Church Stretton.  It was hosted by the mayor and led by Mr Bob Welch who I understand is a Town Councillor.  The aim was to see if the four or five parish councils plus Craven Arms Town Council would be prepared to help fund the services Shropshire council.  Church Stretton Town Council have been invited to consider taking on the Library, Leisure Centre including swimming pool and Tourism information Centre.  There is another meeting on 7th July.  Church Stretton Town Council was going to do some work on what parish councils could do to support financially all around the precept. 

Clerk asked for a business plan and innovation about the services could benefit the community and pay for themselves.  It did not go down well.  There seems to be a consensus that the precept is the way to pay for the services.  No Town or Parish Council can levy a charge on another’s residents.  As things stand at the moment I could not recommend you agree to help fund the services.  However, it will be down to you.  For every £1000 put on Cardington Parish Council’s precept a band D property will pay £5.00 a year more or 9p a week.  £1000.00 increase would be a 27.52% increase.


Any proposal will be a decision for the Parish council alone and no one else.  However, you could consult the community.


(personal view here:  I have worked with other pcs on individual projects and with a direct aim with a start and finish it can work well.  I have also worked with 5 other town and parish councils in Telford to try to start to work on services together.  This was some time ago.  We did a lot of work about the services the individual parishes provided our budgets totalled over £1million.  It came down to £100k of budgets that could be worked on.  When we broke that down there was nothing that could be done collaboratively that was not already being done!)