Tuesday 5th May 2015 at 8pm


1.    Public Session. Limited to 15 minutes.  Shropshire Highways officer Tim Sneddon.  Mr Sneddon reported to the meeting he has passed on the HGV signage at Botville Corner to the Craven Arms office.  The Shootrough bridge damage has been reported to the engineering team responsible for bridge to be surveyed.  Cardington Moor road is to be patched.  A structural patch has been done at the spring at Chat wall.  He will look into the hole outside Holly Cottage on his way from the meeting and the Caussywood Bank pull in at Chat wall.  The overgrown hedge at Shootrough was not dealt with outside the bird nesting season.  However the hedge will be surveyed and the worst bits cuts if there are no birds nesting.  Clerk to write to Tim Barker for him to pass on the letter thanking the team who carried out a good job on a recent rights of way job. 

2.    Election of: it was RESOLVED to elect the following councillors to the following positions.

a. Chair: Councillor Tonks.  He signed his declaration of office.

b. vice Chair: Councillor Blenkins.

c. Election of councillors to the following responsibilities: 

d. Footpaths.  Councillor Blenkins

e. Planning.  Councillors Pinches, Norris and Seabury.

f. Roads and Bridges. Councillor Davies.

g. Emergency planning. Councillor Maydew.

h. Churchyard. Councillors Seabury and Norris.

i. Local Joint Committee. Councillors Seabury and Pennington.

j. Tree Scheme. Councillor Blenkins.

k. communications: Councillor Burgess.

3.    Acceptance of Apologies:  There were no apologies:   Present Councillors Maydew, Burgess, Pennington, Blenkins, Pinches, Norris, Seabury, Davies and Tonks.  There were six members of the public. 

4.                        Dispensations:   None. Required.

5.    Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 3rd March 2015:  It was RESOLVED to sign and approve the minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 3rd March 2015.

           6.   Matters arising: a. Highways matters. See above.

7.   Shropshire Council Local Joint Committee:  a. update if required. A recent business meeting was held with a presentation from Ian Kilby from the planning department of Shropshire Council. 

           8.   Updates from Councillors: as per areas of interest. There is a wobbly style on the Willstone path.

         9.   Planning: a.15/01617/FUL Installation of ground mount solar pv system to fence line to be set as 5 arrays of 6 panels and ground works to enable installation and connection to the main site electricity system.  Lower Chat wall Farm Chat wall Plaish.  It was RESOLVED to raise no objection.

                Considered between meetings using delegated powers:

15/01115/FUL Proposed affordable dwelling to the north of Longville erection of one affordable dwelling, single garage (and log store) alterations to access, installation of septic tank and parking areas.  No objection.

b. Decisions: 14/0725/LBC Barn at Shootrough Farm Cardington.  Conversion of barn to dwelling, including proposed extension to southwest gable, proposed external steps, removal of conifer trees/proposed boundary wall construction and associated internal and external works, including installation of treatment plant and soakaway. (Amended scheme.)  Listed Building Consent.

c. Planning appeal 15/02230/REF appeal against refusal proposed dwelling adjacent Adlestrop Cardington.  Noted.

                d. Any other planning matters including any new planning applications received before the meeting.

10.  Finance: a. Invoices to pay: It was RESOLVED to pay the following invoices Came & Co Insurance £159.00, Mrs J Madeley £369.47 and HMRC £89.40. It was RESOLVED not to join SALC £188.52.

      b. Consider grant in lieu of payment for garden under Oak Tree.  Councillor Maydew will continue to maintain.

      c. Approve accounts for the year ended 31.3.15. It was RESOLVED to approve the accounts for the year ended 31.3.15

      d. Approve Annual Governance Statement. It was RESOLVED to approve the Annual governance statement.

      e. Approve internal audit report. The internal audit was read out and noted.

      f. Consider contribution towards the cost of laptop and printer total cost £461.97 (Ditton Priors pc paid £240.00) 1/3rd of remaining£75.00. It was RESOLVED to pay £75.00. 

      g. Consider how to spend CIL funds as per criteria provided.   It was agreed to consider the way funds can be spent over the next 5 years.

      h. received from Shropshire Council precept £3612.00 and Neighbourhood Fund CIL £2339.16. Noted.

11. Shropshire Council Report: Councillor T Barker. Including update regarding possible enforcement action on land adjacent to Cardington House.  Mr Barker had already given a full report in the Annual Parish Meeting.  He reported that the unauthorised dwelling near Church Preen School is still under review the occupants have been asked to submit a planning application.

12. Administration and Organisational Issues: a.   Cemetery a.  Consider working with Cardington PCC regarding grounds Maintenance.  A group of councillors will meet with the pcc to find a way forward with joint working.  Councillor Norris is surveying the gravestones.  It was RESOLVED he should lay down the wobbly ones.  Councillor Norris and Seabury to find quotes for pointing the wall.

         b. CD and website.  Part of the cd is now on the website.  Chair to retrieve the cd.

                 c. Approve policies and financial regs and standing orders. It was RESOLVED to continue using the existing polices standing orders and financial regulations.

     13. Correspondence: a. Emergency planning event 3rd June 2015. Noted.

            b. Came & Co newsletter. Noted.

            c. Adopt a phone kiosk information. Noted.

             d. Clerks and Councils direct.  Noted.

   14. Any other essential business- Note no decisions can be made under this item.   None

   15. Date of next meeting Thursday 7th July 2015.  The meeting was declared closed at 9.30pm.