Minutes of Annual General Meeting

Cardington Parish Council

Wednesday 14th May 2014


1. Public Session


The Chairman welcomed three members of the public to the meeting.  No comments were forthcoming.


2. Election of the Chairman


  1. Clive Tonks was proposed as Chairman for a second year and voted in unanimously.
  2. Ippy Blenkins agreed to be Vice Chairman for another year and was voted in unanimously.
  3. Ippy Blenkins took over the responsibility for Footpaths from Steven Pennington on the grounds that she walks or rides the area most days.
  4. Other responsibilities remain the same as last year except for a potential downgrading of Communications due to Cardington Parish not benefiting from the fibre broadband project.


3. Apologies


No apologies were received.


4. Dispensations


There were no dispensations.


5. Minutes of Last Meeting


The Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.


6. Matters Arising


The issue remains of the hedges not being cut at Plaish and Shootrough. The birds’ nesting is being used as a convenient excuse. Boultons coaches are having paintwork scratched as they try to get by and the repairs are proving expensive. The Chair will check with the Clerk about progress from the Council and will also talk to Tim Barker about the way forward.


Cllr. Burgess suggested that Boultons and anyone else experiencing damage from this negligence should make a claim through the Small Claims Court as this action could often prove useful in focusing the mind.



7. Shropshire Council Local Joint Committee


The LJC meeting takes place next week.


8. Updates from Councillors re Responsibilities



9. Planning


Two applications from Shootrough have been received:



The councillors supported both applications after some discussion.


       Planning Decisions:



Shropshire Place Plan


This discussion was deferred until the next meeting.


Mr. & Mrs. Evans at Gretton Mill wish the parish council to confirm that horses have been kept all year round (including being fed in the winter) on the site of Gretton Mill since the year 2000. Cllr. Norris will confirm contents of previous minutes (July 2013) and send the information to Enforcement at Shropshire Council.


Tim Barker was not present at the meeting so we await a further report of the visit to the Planning Minister.


10. Finance


·         The amended banking arrangements are now in place with Cllrs. Tonks, Blenkins and Norris as signatories with any two to sign. The payment of the following two invoices were agreed: Mrs J Madeley £350.65, HMRC £87.60

·         The Council considered the two insurance quotes provided. The Clerk had indicated that the other Parish Councils had preferred Came & Co., brokers for Aviva to Zurich Insurance. It was agreed that Cardington would also do so subject to a check on the Legal fees and Liability cover. 

·         Approval was given to the payment of last year’s Village Hall hire fee when the invoice is eventually received.

·         The New Financial Regulations consultation is in hand.

·         The Council formally approved acceptance of the Annual Accounts.

·         The Annual Governance Statement was agreed and will be signed by the Chairman and Clerk and sent to the Auditor.


11. Shropshire Council Report


Tim Barker was not present at the meeting so we await his update on current council matters.


12. Administration and Organisational Issues



13. Correspondence


In the absence of the Clerk only three items were discussed:

·         Shropshire Council Road Closure Church Window Bridge for 8 weeks starting 4th August. Cllr. Norris confirmed that this work is likely to take the full eight weeks to complete with all the consequent difficulties on the Longville to Gretton road.

·         Shropshire Council post 16 education transport funding, which is to be reduced or removed completely.


14. Any Other Business


The Lenten Lunch hosted by the Parish Council raised £190 for Air Ambulance, which was considered an acceptable amount in the light of quite low attendance.


 The meeting closed at 21.15


15. Dates for Future Meetings



1st July

2nd September

4th November


6th January

3rd March

5th May