1.    Public Session. Limited to 15 minutes. 5 members of the public were present. The agent for planning application 14/04510/FUL updated the room on the proposals in the application. The remaining residents attended to express concern about the arrival of a family living in caravans and a shed next door to Cardington House.

2.    Acceptance of Apologies: No apologies received. Present Councillors Davies, Burgess, Pinches, Maydew, Seabury, Blenkins, Pennington, Norris and Tonks.

3. Dispensations: none.

4. Confirm the minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 2nd September 2014. It was RESOLVED to sign and approve the minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 2nd September 2014.

5. Matters Arising: a. response re highways matters from last meeting. No response to the clerk received.

6. Shropshire Council Local Joint Committee: a. update if required. There is a meeting to be heldon Thursday 6th November 2014.

7. Updates from Councillors: as per responsibilities. Highways. a warning sign for hgvs turning of the A49 at Botville would be beneficial. A pull in at Causywood is collapsing.

8. Planning: a. New Applications: a. received between meetings. 14/04013/FUL Erection of roof extension single storey front and rear extension together with building reclad. Holly Cottage Gulley Green Church Stretton. (No Objection).

This item was considered after the public session and Councillor Pennington Left the meeting.


14/04510/FUL Erection of extension to holiday let. Barn SouthWest of Grove Farm Cardington Church Stretton.


It was RESOLVED to raise no objection.


Councillor Pennington returned to the meeting.


b. Decisions: 14/00728/LBC Construction of a timber framed garage building providing car parking and storage. Barn at Shootrough Farm Cardington. Not proceeded with. 14/03628/FUL  Change of part of horse paddock to all weather turnout The Holt Plaish Church Stretton Shropshire SY6 7HX . Grant full planning permission.

14/03169/LBC Internal and external alterations affecting a grade II listed building.

The Fold Cardington . LBC Consent.

c. Place Plan. It was RESOLVED to add the addition of bus shelters for school children around the Parish.

d. Shropshire Council Planning service planning decisions briefing note. Noted.

c. Any other planning matters

9. Finance: a. Invoices to pay: It was RESOLVED to pay Mrs J Madeley 350.65, HMRX 87.60 and Mr J Barry 150.00

b. Consider first draft budget. Clerk presented a draft budget for consideration. The decision will be made at the January 2015 meeting.

c. Adopt external report for accounts year ended 31.3.14. It was RESOLVED to adopt the report. The only issue about the allocation of council tax support payment has been addressed in the current set of accounts.

10. Shropshire Council Report: Councillor T Barker. Councillor Barker reported the arrival of the Caravans and wooden shed on land southwest of Hughley. Shropshire Council are considering their next move. The situation is complicated by minors living on site. He warned nothing would happen overnight and could take sometime. Clerk to write to Shropshire council urging action. Councillor Barker also reported Shropshire Council has received a grant of 4million for repairing the highway after last winter. Councillor Barker also reported it was felt the hedges at Shootrough were not sufficiently overgrown to require action. Councillor Barker to pursue this further.

11. Administration and Organisational Issues: a. Cemetery a. Management plan and records. It was RESOLVED to have the records to be professionally scanned. Clerk to arrange. It was RESOLVED to investigate the cost of registering the land with the land registry. Clerk to investigate. Clerk presented the arbourcultrist report it was accepted. It was RESOLVED to approve the management plan. It was agreed to approach the PCC to discuss managing the trees in the cemetery together. Clerk to contact acting chair.

Councillor Norris reported he had treated the knotweed again however someone had mowed the graves in the area just after treatment. Clerk to put a notice in the area to ensure clippings are not removed and left in the corner. A sign asking residents to remove doggy doo will also be put in place. Clerk arrange clippings sign. The churchyard was tidied by 3 councillors and their families in time for the service on 2nd November. The new contractor cut the grass well. It was RESOLVED to take give him the work for 2015. Clerk to arrange.

b. sign permanent contract clerk. It was RESOLVED to sign new contract.

c. amendment to standing order 3l. it was RESOLVED to amend standing orders to remove 3I to reflect meetings can now be recorded . clerk to amend.

12. Correspondence: a. Clerks and Councils direct. Noted.

b. Shropshire Council information about Shropshire Schools Forum. noted.

c. Road Closure 10th November 2014 for electric and water connection at Manor Farm Cardington. Clker to contact Shropshire Council warning them hgvs will not be able to use the diversion.

13. Any other essential business- Note no decisions can be made under this item. Information about award clerk has been presented with.

14. Date of next scheduled meeting Tuesday 6th January 2015 8pm. The meeting was declared closed at 10pm.