Tuesday 5th January 2016 at 8pm


1.    Public Session. Limited to 15 minutes. Three members of the public were present. Thanks for support regarding the issues with water supply were noted.

2.    Acceptance of Apologies: No apologies. Present Councillors Burgess, Davies, Pinches, Maydew, Blenkins, Norris, Seabury, Pennington and Tonks.

3.                        Dispensations: None.

4.    Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 3rd November 2015. It was RESOLVED to sign and approve the minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 3rd November 2015.

5.    Matters Arising: Hedge Shootrough fields. Before clerk could write the suggested letter in the previous minutes it was bought to her attention the hedge had been cut.

6. Shropshire Council Local Joint Committee: a. Emergency Planning . a discussion was held about emergency planning document. The LJC had representation from the police. Police have carried out a spot check on vehicles on the A49 and the majority of issues found were connected to drugs.

7. Updates from Councillors: as per areas of interest. There is a pothole at Enchmarsh, Blocked gullies at Chatwell and along the highway towards Ruckley Causeywood side by West Farm. Clerk to report.

8. Planning: a. to be considered at meeting. 15/03512/FUL erection of 1 affordable dwelling and detached double garage, installation of treatment plant and soakaway. Oak Tree View Church Preen. (amended plans). No objection.

Considered between meetings using delegated powers:

15/04897/FUL proposed agricultural workers dwelling, double garage (and log store), general purpose agricultural building, improvements to access, installation of a septic tank and auxiliary works. (no objection)

b. Decisions:

      15/04179/FUL Erection of single storey rear garden room/glazed link extension (revised scheme). The Barn Chatwall Home Farm Enchmarsh. Grant Full planning permission.

c. Any other planning matters including any new planning applications received just before the meeting. None.

d. Action plan after consultation regarding CIL funds. Chair and clerk have drawn up an action plan. Chair to discuss the mobile phone mast idea and broadband with a resident. Clerk to obtain information about planting flowers in verges.

e. SAMDEV plan adoption. Confirmed.

9. Finance: a. Invoices to pay: none.

b. Audit requirements for year ended 31.3.16. It was RESOLVED to go ahead with recommended audit requirements by using the sector led audit providers.

c. Audit requirements beyond year ended 31.3.16. Noted.

d. Proposed budget to be considered and set. It was RESOLVED to raise a precept of 3633.00 keeping a Band D property council tax at 18.18.

10. Administration and Organisational Issues: a. Cemetery: grass cutting consider way forward. Clerk to obtain an up to date quote for grass cutting in the cemetery . Clerk to arrange the cuts providing the quote is within 5% of 500.00

b. Cemetery wall. No update.

c. Transparency code. It was RESOLVED to apply for the available grant to set up a Parish Council website. Clerk to arrange.

d. Shropshire Council communication strategy for highway asset management. Noted.

e. Dates of meetings in 2016. Noted.

11. Correspondence: a. Empty homes newsletter Shropshire Council. Noted.

b. Connecting Shropshire update. Noted.

c. Thank you letter for RBL Donation. Noted.

d. Road Closure B4371 Longville to Easthope road closure patching. Noted.

12. Any other essential business- Note no decisions can be made under this item. None.

13. Date of next meeting Thursday 1st March 2016. The meeting was declared closed at 9.55pm.