1.    Election of Chairman:  It was RESOLVED to elect Councillor Barker in his absence with his consent.

2.                        It was RESOLVED to elect the following Councillors to the following positions

a. Vice Chair – Councillor Barker.

     b. Election of councillors to the following responsibilities: 

c. Footpaths -  Councillor Pennington.

d. Planning – Councillors Seabury and Norris.

e. Roads and Bridges – Councillor Davies.

f. Emergency planning - Councillor Maydew.

g. Churchyard – Councillor Norris.

h. Local Joint Committee – Councillor Barker supported by Councillor Pennington.

i. Tree Scheme – Councillor Macmillan.

3.    Public Session. Limited to 15 minutes.  No members of the public were present. 

4.                        Acceptance of Apologies: Apologies were accepted from Councillor Barker. 

5.                        Dispensations:  None required.

6.    Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 7th March 2017.  It was RESOLVED to sign and approve the minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 7th March 2017. 

7.                  Matters Arising:  a. Website.  Miss Burgess reports the website should be ready for release in the Autumn.

                                   b. Phone Kiosk update. The Kiosk can now be adopted. Clerk to arrange.

8.                  Shropshire Council Local Joint Committee:  a. no meeting to report.

9.    Updates from Councillors: as per areas of interest. No updates.


Councillor Tonks left the meeting.


10.    Planning: a. to be considered at meeting:  17/02069/TCA Brook House Cardington Church Stretton.  To fell 1 Conifer, 1 Sycamore tree and one yew tree within Cardington Conservation Area.  It was RESOLVED to raise no objection.


            Councillor Tonks returned to the meeting.


                b. Considered between meetings using delegated powers: none.

                c. Decisions:

·                     16/05244/FUL Erection of single dwelling and detached garage. Proposed dwelling adj Adlestrop Cardington. Grant Full Planning Permission.  Noted.

·                     17/00417/FUL Conversion of two barns into a single dwelling to include erection of infill extension, installation of a septic tank, erection of triple bay garage/workshop building.  Barn conversion ne of Chatwall Lawn Chatwall Church Stretton.  Withdrawn. Noted.

d.  Any other planning matters including any new planning applications received just before the meeting. None.

11. Approve Standing Orders, Financial Regulations and Financial Risk Assessment. It was RESOLVED to adopt Standing Orders, Financial Regulations and Financial Risk Assessment policies.

12. a. Approve internal Audit report and action.  It was RESOLVED to adopt the internal audit and carry out the actions.

      b. Approve annual governance statement.  It was RESOLVED to answer yes to the annual governance statement questions.

      c. approve accounts for year ended 31.3.17. It was RESOLVED to approve the accounts for year ended 31.3.17.












13. Finance: a. Invoices to pay: It was RESOLVED to pay the following invoices:

                         1. Vision ICT £144.00 additional works on Website. Chq 226

                         2. JDH Business Services chq227

                         3. Mrs J Madeley £362.68 Chq 228

                         4. HMRC £90.60 Chq 229

                         5. Came and company £168.00 chq 230

                         6. Kinch Parry £1840.80 chq 225

      b. Noticeboards. It was RESOLVED to order a noticeboard from Mr P Secret at a cost of £780.00 clerk to arrange.

      c.  transparency fund grant received £1085.04 noted.

      d. Shropshire Council precept received £4233.00. noted.

      e. start to prepare bank mandate for new council.  Councillors to decide who will sign for next meeting.  

      f. Consider membership of SALC.  £199.50.  Defer until the next meeting.  

      g. Consider purchasing copies of Good Councillors Guide 2017. £3.20 each. It was RESOLVED to purchase one.

      h. Bank Reconciliation. Clerk will prepare one for the next meeting.

14. Work with St James’ PCC.  The contractor has said the works will be carried out in August.

 15. Shropshire council report. Shropshire Councilllor Dan Morris introduced himself to the meeting and set out his aims for his time as the Burnall ward member.

         16. Cemetery: 

      b. Topple testing headstones. A letter received from one of the three people who needed to carry out works on their relatives’ headstone stated he had paid for the work.         

      c. Grass cutting contract.  It was REOSLVED to appoint Mr D Hall subject to insurance cover being presented.        

17 Highway Maintenance scheme: a. no funds have been received to date.  Clerk has applied.

       b. Contract for 2017-18.  Wait until funds have been received.

18. Correspondence: a.   Clerks and Councils Direct.  Noted.

             b. communication from resident raising concerns about communications from a previous councillor. Noted.

             c. Correspondence regarding fly tipping/rubbish on access highway to the village. Noted.

             d. Training courses SALC. Noted.

       19. Any other essential business- Note no decisions can be made under this item.    Clerk to write to resident who has built a new culvert to take water off the highway to thank him.       

  20 Date of next meeting 4th July 2017.  The meeting was declared closed at 9.57pm.























































11f. Reasons for membership of SALC


Membership of the Association 2017/18


As another challenging year approaches, I would like to take this opportunity once again to contact you about membership of the Association and ask you to consider joining the 90% of Town and Parish Councils now in membership.


We have managed to keep our fees down with members agreeing only a marginal increase of 1p per elector up to 3500 this year with our National Association (NALC) having only increased theirs by .01p per elector.  Membership entitles councils to obtain insurance backed advice and support on all aspects of council work.  As well as assisting councils on matters including legal, employment, policy, community rights, planning, finance, health and safety and the general power of competence.  We aim to continue to provide a comprehensive cost effective training programme for the year ahead. 


During the last year, in addition to our desktop advice service, we have: 


·         Increased our training events, some of which were again delivered locally

·         Welcomed 13 new councils into membership

·         Continued with support and guidance to those wishing to apply and reapply for funding under the Transparency Code, being amongst the leading associations in the country, paying out in excess of £150,000

·         Extended our locum and audit services, providing practical support with recruitment and interviews

·         Continued to provide regular Bulletins to keep councils up to date with legislation and relevant information

·         Provided a rolling programme of CiLCA training and one to one support, with several clerks achieving the qualification

·         Granted Local Council Award Foundation Status to 5 local councils making a total of 11

·         Introduced our new website with toolkits and template policies and protocols which will continue to develop

In the year ahead, we will continue to provide a programme of support, based upon member needs.  Some of our work will include:


·         Promoting the forthcoming elections, providing clerks with support and guidance and assisting in encouraging people to stand for election.  The Elections Pack for Clerks on our website contains useful material and will be updated as we progress through and following the election period.

·         Assisting where we can those councils expressing interest in taking on services from principal councils, including appropriate training, templates and advice.

·         Providing a full programme of training and development for new Clerks, Councillors, Chairmen and Councils as corporate bodies.  Our aim is to assist councils to achieve sector standards and professionalism and to adopt good practice as employers. 


Responding to requests to “keep it simple”, benefits for both SALC and NALC are in the attached basic guides.


Your membership of SALC would be very warmly welcomed as would your views on ways we can improve our services.  Our Members Services Agreement and information on training can be viewed on our new website at http://www.alcshropshire.co.uk .


It was good to see some of our non member colleagues at our Conference last November and we hope to make this year’s event similarly successful.  We do  hope that you will consider joining us this year.  We will be pleased to provide you with our membership fees for your council upon request.