Tuesday 4th July 2017 at 8pm


1.    Public Session. Limited to 15 minutes.  Two members of the public were present. 

2.                        Acceptance of Apologies: No apologies. 

3.                        Dispensations:   None.

4.    Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 17th May 2017.  It was RESOLVED to sign and approve the minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 17th May 2017.

5.                  Matters Arising:  a. Website.  No update has been received from the volunteer who is building the new site.

                                  b. Phone Kiosk update. The phone box can now be adopted once a new clerk is in place. 

                                  c. confirmation of LJC representative. The LJC representative will be Councillor Barker. 

6.    Shropshire Council Local Joint Committee:  a.  A recent meeting was well attended and some useful presentations were reported.  The Youth grants available via the committee have benefited the Kids club in Cardington. 

           7. Updates from Councillors: as per areas of interest.  The Cemetery has been trimmed again after the contractor was given instruction by Councillor Norris. 

           8. Planning: a. to be considered at meeting:  It was RESOLVED to make the following comments:

·         17/02568/FUL and 17/02569/LBC Erection of two storey rear extension.  Southmere Cardington Church Stretton.  No objection.

·         17/02984/AGR Erection of a general purpose agricultural building for machinery and fodder.  Upper Farm Gretton Church Stretton.  (For Information). Noted.

                b. Considered between meetings using delegated powers:

                c. Decisions:

·         17/02069/TCA Brook House Cardington Church Stretton.  To fell 1 Conifer, 1 Sycamore tree and one yew tree within Cardington Conservation Area. No objection.

·  17/02575/TCA Various Tree works.  Maltsters Tap Cardington. No objection.                                      

d.  Any other planning matters including any new planning applications received just before the meeting.

 9. Resignation of clerk and appointment of new clerk. Chair has agreed with Mrs J Griffiths she will take over short term.  Advertisement of the role will need to be done in the future. 

10. Finance: a. Invoices to pay:  It was RESOLVED to pay the following invoices: 

                         1.  Mr D Hall £460.00chq no 232

                         2. Vision ICT £210.00 (webhosting for the year). Chq 233

                         3. Mrs J Madeley £133.36 chq 234

                         4. HMRC £14.20 chq 235

      b. Noticeboard.    Has been ordered clerk has not heard from contractor. 

      c. Consider joining SALC. Defer to the next meeting after councillors have read provided report. 

      d. Bank Reconciliation. Will be ready for next meeting.

11. Work with St James’ PCC.  No update.

 12. Shropshire council report. Shropshire Councillor Morris reported that a car parking strategy is due to go out to consultation.  He is also interested in seeing a beacon to mark the end of world war 1 on one of the hills.  He will liaise with Leebotwood and Longnor PC.

 13. Cemetery:  the grass has been cut again.        

      14. Highway Maintenance scheme:

            a. update.  The Parish Council will now receive £2262.96.

     b. Contract for 2017-18

 15. Action Plan update. Clerk presented an updated copy of the action plan.  Councillor Barker and Tonks will review further.  Clerk to invite Lisa Bedford Community Action Team Shropshire Council to discuss further consultation.

16. Correspondence: a.  

17. Outgoing clerk’s exit report.  Copies were left for councillors and one given to acting clerk and chair.

       18. Any other essential business- Note no decisions can be made under this item.        

  19. Date of next scheduled meeting 5th September 2017.  The meeting was declared closed at 9.10