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The Community Council of Shropshire Heating Oil Buying Scheme

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To order phone 01743 342167
or Roy Broad 01743 360641
or Julie Steadman 01743 237871

Or e-mail


2016 deadline dates

5 January, 26 January, 23 February

(Tuesdays at 12 noon)

22 March, 12 April, 10 May

7 June, 5 July, 2 August

6 September, 4 October, 1 November


5 December last before Christmas

Dates have been revised. So, after April, the order date moves to around the 3rd week in the month and is always a Tuesday at 12:00. The negotiation period is 2 days, so the supplier and price information will be available by the Friday and sent out before the office closes. Then the delivery period is a maximum of 10 working days. We hope that this will simplify the process while still allowing us to secure the lowest possible prices.


Last year The Community Council of Shropshire set up a new social enterprise that will reduce the cost of your domestic heating oil. The saving is achieved by joining forces with other community council groups across the country operating the same proven scheme.


All you need to do to take advantage of the scheme as a domestic user is pay an annual membership fee of 20, community buildings 30 and businesses 100. Currently we are able waive the 20 fee for those who find themselves in fuel poverty. Fuel poverty is defined as those who spend 10% or more of their income on heating, cooking and lighting.


Each month county groups submit their orders to a central buyer who, with such a sizeable order, negotiates to achieve an extremely competitive price. Local distributors are invited to tender providing they can demonstrate their ability to achieve the high level of customer service we expect. Deliveries will be organised so that one tanker delivers to several customers in your community instead of making numerous individual deliveries. Fuel consumption is reduced as is traffic within the community and therefore more environmentally friendly.


To date (January 2012) our members have saved on average 5p per litre which equates to a combined saving of 6600 to our Shropshire members. Our February price comparison is as follows.

The market high 67 pence per litre

The market average for 500-999 63.1ppl

The market average for 1000+ 60.9ppl

Member price 56.45ppl

All prices plus vat

This means that on a 500 litre order our members have saved 33.25 and on 1000 litres they have saved 44.50



Upon joining the scheme you will be provided with an order form either electronically or by post. When you decide to order simply complete the order form and forward to your local coordinator whose details will appear at the bottom of the form. Your order contributes to our negotiating power so once submitted it is regarded as binding. You will therefore understand that it is impossible for us to advise you of the price per litre until our negotiations are completed. The minimum order is 500 litres.

The price per litre remains the same irrespective of customer order size.


Normally your local coordinator will advise you of the details within two working days of our order placement. Information will indicate your price per litre and the average price at the time of order, the supplier and anticipated delivery generally within five to ten days of this notification. If you indicated special delivery instructions on your membership form these will always be passed to the supplier.


Payment will always be made directly to the oil supplier.


For any additional information please contact

Roy Broad 01743 360641 or Jullie Steadman 01743 237871.