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Current local crime concerns

The first two are particularly topical. Isn't it sad that we have to be constantly on the watchout for this sort of thing.

Latest 2 December 2013

A locally generated warning about a possible distraction burglary attempt.

Our reporter was at home at Gretton when she noticed a woman, about 5 feet tall, thin with short light coloured hair, probably in her sixties, accompanied by a lively Jack Russell, behaving strangely outside. On being challenged she claimed to be walking and to have got lost. Our reporter, being originally from Liverpool, was immediately on her guard and kept the door firmly locked while dealing with things such as a request for a drink of water. The dog, probably trained for this, took every opportunity to rush into remote corners of the house or round the back. The natural reaction would be to chase after the dog and try to drag it out from under the sofa or wherever, giving the other party the chance she would need to grab a purse or anything of value left lying around. Afterwards a small black car almost certainly containing the dog and probably the woman as well was seen leaving the area. So if these characters come to your house, be on your guard, keep the door locked, don't let either of them in, and report it to the police on 101.

15 November 2013

Extract from a recent police e-mail which is worth taking note of.

This is a general message for all Rural Watch members. Currently, across the county, we are experiencing a marked increase in reported incidents involving the theft of power tools and small items of plant and equipment from farms and rural storage buildings. If you have such items at your premises, please review your security arrangements, ensuring that vulnerable equipment is locked away and marked in a way that it is readily identifiable. Consider installing an alarm and/or security lighting. Note the details of any suspicious persons or vehicles seen in the vicinity of your premises and report them to the Police right away on 101. Should you disturb any uninvited persons on your property, do not hesitate to call 999 immediately.

7 June 2013

Be on your guard!

There has been a spate of burglary around Cardington in the last few days, involving forcible entry into outbuildings in the night time and in one case into a house in broad daylight.

We were one of the targets last Monday night when a barn was broken into by using bolt croppers to cut through steelwork to release the padlock. Luckily there wasn't much of value in there but they did take two good petrol cans and their contents. Annoyingly it seems that was just the sort of thing they were after as they made a similar haul down the road at Shootrough. They then went up to Enchmarsh where several things were stolen. It appears they didn't have time to finish there as they went back for more the next night.

The most worrying case was on Thursday when a house in the same area but nearer the village had its back door kicked in in broad daylight while the occupants were out. It was a substantial door which would have needed a good deal of force to break, the house was alarmed, and this was set and working, so they must have thought it was ok just to ignore that while searching the property.

It's not up to me to advise people what to do to try to prevent this sort of thing but my reaction as a victim has been to enhance our security measures - alarms and security lighting - of which there was already quite a bit but now it is rapidly becoming more comprehensive - and to make sure they are used fully.

One thing that has been said to me is that there should be a local means of communication to spread the word on these occasions - but actually there already is and it does work. Quite a bit of the above information came from the Police Neighbourhood and Rural Watch e-mail message system which several local people are signed up to. Anybody who wants to can join it and attention has been drawn to it on the Cardington website for some years (see just below this - RURAL WATCH - CRIME PREVENTION INITIATIVE.)

David Elliott

The following link takes you to the local policing page on West Mercia's website:

West Mercia Police, Shrewsbury Rural South and West

On this page you can get the latest contact information for the local policing team, as well as see what the PACT priorities are, where the next surgeries are etc.


This link will take you to details of A RURAL WATCH scheme which has been introduced within the Shrewsbury Rural south local policing area. The aim is to inform residents about potential crime threats in their area and advise on crime prevention. In turn, residents are invited to provide information which may help prevent or detect crime in their area.

The following have registered to receive crime alerts: David Blenkins, Julian Hudson, Brian Tripp and Sue Tyrell. If you would like to add your name please contact Brian Tripp on 771515.

Click on RURAL WATCH to see current alerts and please pass the information on to your friends and neighbours.