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Welcome to the expiring website for people living in and around Cardington, Shropshire

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7 February 2020

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The new Cardington website, run by the Parish council, has been running for more thatn 2 years now. Click above or here (the actual address): http://www.cardingtonparishcouncilshropshire.co.uk to get to it.

This old one will continue to run alongside it. Eventually it will die with an initial aim of around mid September 2020 but that might be extended. It will only contain items that will not need updating much and which are waiting to be migrated to the new site. The main ones are listed below. Others that are still here are included in the contents links on the right. If there's anything amongst those that you think should go to the new site get in touch with those running that.




Weather Station - Cardington has an amateur weather station that has been forwarding data to the Met Office since 2016.

Title - Cardington


The original purpose of the website

...... is to provide an open means of communication for any group in the parish who wishes to make use of it. Those who have been sounded out so far, including the Parish Council, the Church, and the Village Hall, are very positive about the idea.

It will have as many sections or pages as there is demand for, including a diary of events which will be updated whenever necessary. There will be a home page with a few “headlines” and links to the rest of the site and other relevant local sites.

Any group, formal or otherwise, can have its own page with sub-pages if they wish, to explain what they do, when and where they meet, who to contact, extra information about a particular event, or anything else they may wish to let people know about. Someone with an idea for a local organisation that doesn’t yet exist (eg a local history society?) could float it here and see what support emerges.

A block e-mail system will be set up for whoever wishes to join it, to alert people if, for instance, there is a last minute change affecting an advertised event.

The costs of setting up the website are not great. We paid about £18 for the domain name cardington.org.uk for two years and the Parish Council has agreed to fund this initial outlay. Hiring some space on a server out on the internet will cost £12 per year, but free for the first year. If the site got very big or if there was a lot of activity that might go up to £25 per year in which case we might be looking for some small contributions but certainly not at the moment.

How it works

The way it is thought things will work is outlined below.

It is envisaged that each group will appoint a representative to provide, and be responsible for, the content of their pages. This can include text, diagrams, photos, etc though it should be born in mind that graphics tend to slow down the delivery of information over the internet. Another consideration is that the internet is a very public place and anything that is placed there can be copied by any of the millions of people with access to it, so if you want to include a photo of someone get their permission.

The arrangement of pages, pictures etc is up to you, but maybe a current page with details of, say, the next meeting, who to contact, etc, and then a sub-page with background information about the organisation, might be one way to do it. The current page can be updated whenever necessary, the sub-page would probably rarely need it.

Items should preferably be provided in a computer file on a disk or in the body of an e-mail or attached to it, though some things could be in a physical form (eg photographs or a typed sheet) and they can then be scanned in. Those of us actually putting the material on-line are unable to offer a typing service, and verbal messages can only be accepted in a real emergency.

If you want to include a contact's e-mail address one can be provided as part of this web-site, of the form yourname@cardington.org.uk. It is better not to put your private e-mail address on a web-site - if you do junk mail can become a nuisance.

Local links

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