Cardington Weather Station

The Equation of Time adjusted for Cardington's location
gives local noon (sun due South) as:

29-Jan - 12:24 GMT - sun elevation 19.6 deg
05-Feb - 12:25 GMT - sun elevation 21.6 deg
19-Feb - 12:25 GMT - sun elevation 26.3 deg
27-Feb - 12:24 GMT - sun elevation 29.2 deg

Some background information below,
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Monthly weather records - from other sources (Tim Barker).

Met Office Weather Observations Website (in a new tab) - see notes below.

This weather data comes from an automatic weather station, type Aercus WS3083, situated in a field about a mile from Cardington.

There are 9 pages of information accessed from links at the bottom of each page. Most of the data is updated every 15 minutes but you have to reselect the page to see new data. The time and date of what you are seeing is shown on the "now" page and if that isn't within the last 15 minutes reselect the page. Wind speed and direction gauges at the bottom of the "gauges" page update every minute (but for some reason don't appear on my iPad - this is a Windows system that might not work fully on other platforms although everything else looks right on the iPad). When you go to the "trends" page the main graph may not be up to date. To correct that just select whichever of the displays you want from the thumbnail graphs at the bottom.

There are some lesser-known meteorological terms shown, derived from the original measurements, the meaning of which I have had to look up and I can try to explain, much simplified, here:

Wind Chill - what it feels as though the temperature is, allowing for the cooling effect of the present wind

Heat Index - what it feels as though the temperature is, allowing for the current relative humidity

Apparent Temperature - some sort of combination of the above two effects

Wind Run - imagine releasing a neutrally buoyant balloon at midnight and measure its progress driven in an unobstructed manner by the wind as measured at the weather station. The distance travelled mounts up during the day and the eventual total for the day gives an idea of the overall windiness of the day.

Evapotranspiration - something to do with evaporation from trees and the like. I have never seen it show anything other than zero so will probably remove it some time.

The weather station has only been running since 23rd July 2016 and all records start from then, so will be of limited interest for a while but will become more meaningful as time goes on, as long as I can keep it all working. Tim Barker has let me have his records of temperature and rainfall for some years and a link is provided to them. Thanks, Tim. If anyone else has any that they would like to include just get in touch.

Met Office Weather Observations Website (WOW)

This is where all the data that is sent to The Met Office by private individuals or organisations can be seen. Their home page shows a map of the UK and beyond covered in orange discs, each of which is a reporting weather station. Zoom in on the area of the country you're interested in and you will be able to identify and click on the one you want. You can see recent (ie within the last hour or so) and historical readings. Around here, as well as ours you will see the official station at Shawbury, one at Bayston Hill, one at Much Wenlock, two in Shrewsbury, and one out towards Church Stoke.

David Elliott

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Monthly weather records - from other sources (Tim Barker).

Met Office Weather Observations Website (in a new tab)