Cardington Weather Station

This weather data comes from an automatic weather station, type Aercus WS3083, situated in a field about a mile from Cardington.

The data's all there on the Met Office website and you can look at it there. Use the link below, zoom in to our dot, click onto it, select "View Full Observation", (note the Gold Award for 2019, also awarded for 2017 and 2018, for providing reliable useful data), select say the Graph tab, choose time period, use Filter Options to select readings, and press "Update Graph". The Met Office just want the data, not interested in displaying headline record temperatures etc so I'll put a bit of that in just below.

Met Office Weather Observations Website (WOW)

This is where all the data that is sent to The Met Office by private individuals or organisations can be seen. Their home page shows a map of the UK and beyond covered in orange discs, each of which is a reporting weather station. Zoom in on the area of the country you're interested in and you will be able to identify and click on the one you want. You can see recent (ie within the last hour or so) and historical readings. Around here, as well as ours you will see the official station at Shawbury, one at Dorrington, one at Bayston Hill, two in Shrewsbury, and one at Shifnal.

Met Office Weather Observations Website (in a new tab)

The Cardington weather station has been running since July 2016 and here are some of the records since then:

Highest day temperature

33.5 deg C

25 July 2019

5:50 pm

Lowest night temperature

-7.7 deg C

28 Feb 2018

3:51 am

Highest atmospheric pressure

1047.5 mbar

20 Jan 2020

0:32 am

Lowest atmospheric pressure

970.8 mbar

27 Feb 2017

3:47 pm

Highest wind gust

64.0 mph

23 Feb 2017

9:30 am

Windiest day - wind run

513.3 miles

3 Jan 2018


Wettest day

37.5 mm

21 Nov 2016


Wettest month

143.7 mm

June 2019


Longest dry period

26 days

to 12 July 2018


Longest wet period

18 days

to 17 Mar 2019


The Equation of Time adjusted for Cardington's location
gives local noon (sun due South) as:

05-Feb - 12:25 GMT - sun elevation 21.6 deg
19-Feb - 12:25 GMT - sun elevation 26.3 deg
27-Feb - 12:24 GMT - sun elevation 29.2 deg
04-Mar - 12:23 GMT - sun elevation 31.1 deg
08-Mar - 12:22 GMT - sun elevation 32.7 deg
12-Mar - 12:21 GMT - sun elevation 34.2 deg
16-Mar - 12:20 GMT - sun elevation 35.8 deg
19-Mar - 12:19 GMT - sun elevation 37.0 deg
22-Mar - 12:18 GMT - sun elevation 38.2 deg
26-Mar - 12:17 GMT - sun elevation 39.7 deg
29-Mar - 12:16 GMT - sun elevation 40.9 deg

David Elliott